The DAAVIT Movement.

The way how we are going to operate is very simple. You provide your email address to us and you are part of the movement.

Also, you will receive 100 shares for free as soon as we will run our IPO. This will take place when we will have 400.000 users, which is estimated to take 12 to 18 months from June 1st 2018. We feel that this is the critical base to make a change.

Note that you can use any email address, but at the moment we will issue the shares, you will need to disclose some additional information to us to be able to provide the shares to you through a trading account with a bank. We will explain around that time the precise steps, respecting your privacy.

The shares that we will issue are limited to 100 shares per individual, so providing multiple email addresses to us will not work. When you are part of the movement, you also will have voting rights on the progress of the project.

It’s like a real democracy: the majority decides on everything. The DAAVIT team is just facilitating the process.

We’re building a platform ➜

Our movement already has 8000+ users. Join us!

But Oh My Privacy

Don't worry. We need your email to inform you about the progress we're making and to give you your shares when we're ready. We won't sell your email address, that's not our thing.


We're on a mission to change the internet. Get in touch with our Investor Relations team or mail to and we'll get back to you. ASAP.

I want to help.

That's jolly good news! We're desperately looking for fresh talent! Get in touch at and attach your skills.

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