Business Model.

The business model can be best explained through an example application we already developed and is in full operation. It’s the major new Dutch competitor of Linkedin, called Yobs! ( This application to be found for jobs and to load your career profile is totally changing the current business model where LinkedIn owns your data and sells it through selling personal profiles to employers.

In Yobs!, just your profile and cv are visible and you can choose which data you want to provide. Also, your name is not visible, since this is the revenue model and also provides an equal level playing field for minorities.

And the financial good thing is: the value of a match in LinkedIn is roughly $2000, while in Yobs! the match is less than $50. Also, Yobs!, as part of the DAAVIT movement, pays commission to the DAAVIT platform in exchange for the high amount of users available for Yobs!. If we do this right all together, no single user will be on LinkedIn anymore over time, we will be all on the Yobs! platform, where employers will pay a lower commission, where they don’t see your private data unless we allow them to (opt-in) and Yobs and thus DAAVIT earns money, raising both the cash flow as well as the stock value.

This is just one example application. We can multiply and innovate internet application dramatically, whilst securing your democratic rights.

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