About Us.

DAAVIT is an idea, DAAVIT is a movement, DAAVIT will be a stock listed company, DAAVIT is democracy, DAAVIT is new!

We were found by five people in the Netherlands in 2018. Our reach is global. The global headquarter is close to Amsterdam. We are organized as a network, more information about us will be shared shortly.

If you feel that this initiative is close to your heart, please send us an email, so we can fit you in one of our workstreams.

We will have a special interest for people from all over the globe for our democratic global committee. If you want to represent your country, submit your picture, your first and family name and country to us, so we can show you on the website.

That’s it, i want to get in touch ➜

Our movement already has 8000+ users. Join us!

But Oh My Privacy

Don't worry. We need your email to inform you about the progress we're making and to give you your shares when we're ready. We won't sell your email address, that's not our thing.


We're on a mission to change the internet. Get in touch with our Investor Relations team or mail to investor@daavit.com and we'll get back to you. ASAP.

I want to help.

That's jolly good news! We're desperately looking for fresh talent! Get in touch at contact@daavit.com and attach your skills.

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